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✔ through the latest measuring and formulation software
✔ through the use of high-quality materials
✔ through modern processes & procedures


High-quality products are not just a priority for us, they are also our distinguishing feature. That is why quality assurance is an important part of the entire production process for us, because it ensures that our products meet both customer requirements and the highest quality standards. In prepress, we develop precise guidelines and specifications, the exact compliance with which is checked through ongoing controls throughout the entire production process.

When cutting sheet metal, we check the thickness and hardness of the material as well as the accuracy of the cut itself. Our computer-aided measurements guarantee the exact angularity. When it comes to varnishing and printing, we pay particular attention to the fit and color accuracy. Our LED lighting concept and a camera path monitoring system on the printing lines support our controls.
When it comes to varnishes, especially protective and adhesive varnishes, the fit and color accuracy must be guaranteed for both wet and dry applications. The double-panel inspection guarantees flawless varnishing.


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